Strategic Data Protection & Information Security

I offer through effectas

  • Data protection governance (GDPR / external Data Protection Officer)
  • Information security (ISO 27001) & Risk management (ISO 27005)
  • IT Due Diligence
  • Intrapreneur engagement for pilot projects or transition management

Get value quickly

  • Resolved constraints
  • Clarity and specific insights
  • Goal oriented action plans and execution
  • Agile Compliance

Reach your goals

  • Straight edge advisory
  • Ambidextric options (integration of core values and innovation)
  • Polymath insights (multidimensional insights)
  • Adjusted processes to empower people

Tailored and focused

  • Proven methods to establish data governance and information security.
  • Retainer-based counseling: Subscribe one or more days each month with access to rich resources.
  • Short-term diagnostic to identify urgent constraints.
  • Interim management and project execution to get things done.

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