I support organizations with regard to these aspects:

  1. Governance, risk and compliance
  2. Agile Communication
  3. Corporate Information Management
Service Areas

Each aspect can be examined on it's own or in combination. Each aspect is evaluated using a transparent score.

Let us look at the details:

Risk, Governance and Compliance

The risk management process defined by ISO/IEC 31000 and 27005 sets the standard to get the appropriate controls in place, which make sure that the overall goals of the organization can be met in a sustainable and resilient way.

Because both values and risks are both needed to achieve the goals of the organization, UpControl utilizes risk management and value management in a joint effort.

Risk Communication

Risks are often risks because no one dares to speak about them or because they are hidden by mutual shadow assumptions.

Agile Communication brings tools to overcome these restrictions.

Agile Communication

Naming values

Naming values brings clarity into an organization and glues the team together.

Team building

If the team energy is renewed and the shared value is jointly revived, procedures are needed to make this new atmosphere permanent. If this works, conflicts will be routinely used to grow and reassign the scope and to reassure the goals of the organization.

In an open and trustful atmosphere market alertness and risk awareness increases, too.

Corporate Information Management

Product Management

Being agile is the one thing, managing resulting variety another. I offer powerful metadata and semantic ontologioes to stay on track with all variations of products and services.

Technical communication

Redundant, superfluous, whishful and fuzzy communication spoils corporate energy. Therefore specific methods can be utilized to focus and to grant conciseness.

Plain language, instructional and functional design and the well-known pyramide concept by Barbara Minto give guidance how to get this right.